Aluminium Bracket Casting
Buy from us aluminium bracket casting to fabricate aluminium brackets that are used for keeping the components in place in construction machinery, automobile, and more. The low weight brackets with great strength are rust and corrosion resistant. 

Gravity Die Castings
Gravity die castings are needed for performing the process of gravity die casting for medium to high volume applications. It is required to process sharp edges and blast clean the resultant aluminium parts and components. 

Pressure Die Castings
Aluminium components with precision and repeatability can be produced using pressure die castings. The resultant components are dimensional accurate and have a smooth surface finish. The casting process involves injection of metal in the mould at high pressure. 

Automobile Castings
The automobile parts and components are manufactured through several casting processes. Certain processes require automobile castings for quickly manufacturing parts while saving the production costs. 

Sand Castings
Sand castings are required for manufacturing aluminium parts, such as fan impeller and valve, by pouring the molten metal and then allowing it to solidify. Apart from sand, binding agents and additives are used for making the castings. 

Investment Casting
If you are starting a new business of parts where you do not want material wastage, while saving energy and lesser machining afterwards, then consider the process called investment casting. The process results in high precision parts and components. 

Casting Engine Blocks
The durable, efficient and wear resistant industrial casting engine block is light in weight and has high strength. Any engine is incomplete without this housing that can withstand vibration and high temperature. 

Spray Gun Handle Casting
Spray gun handle casting is a primary requirement for making spray gun handles of different designs and sizes. The mould is made from mild steel and has standard hardness. The silver casting is used in gravity die casting technique. 

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